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FAKE BAKE Coconut Tanning Serum


Hey Lovelies


Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a fab weekend. I really think this has been the quickest month yet I can’t believe we are already going into April. Before you know it…SUMMER! Best season of the year and it can’t come quick enough!! Holidays, sun, sea, sand, cocktails and a good bronzed golden TAN. Until then I’m afraid well have to fake it with a little help from the bottle.

A lot of you have asked me how the new Fake Bake coconut tanning serum is, so thought I would write up a quick review and let you know how I got on.

I have used Fake Bake products for as long as I can remember so I always get excited when they release a new product. In fact I recently purchased the new lip inflate from Fake Bake which I love. I have used several lip inflate glosses before but some felt like they were burning my lips off. This one costs £15 and just gives your lips a nice little natural looking pout with minimum tingle sensation in my opinion.


Before tanning, I exfoliated in the shower with a fake bake passion fruit body polish that I actually got in TK MAXX but you can get it on the fake bake website for £10.

The bottle says medium which normally as I am quite sallow skinned, I tend buy to the darkest shade, but this colour was perfect and I left it on for 8 hours for the maximum tanning result.  Usually you can leave on for 4-6 hours. I always do my tan before bed but I felt with this one you can do it and leave the house with it on as it wasn’t sticky like many other tans and it has a lovely smell.

I then applied the fake tan using a mitt- the tan comes with gloves but I buy my mitts out of Superdrug or Primark- I feel it gives you a more even tan.


I love tans that go on with colour as sometimes the spray on tans or clear lotions scare me a little as I forget what spots Ive already done. As you can see the leg on the left is slightly darker so I knew I hadn’t missed a spot.

fake bake


I highly recommend it, I felt it gave me an all round natural looking colour and was “fake tan smell free” which is a huge bonus!


For all the nitty gritty info and to purchase it you can buy here for £29.95 on the Fakebake website.

Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Emily x





Gold Fever Hair!


Hey lovelies!!


How are we all? So this blog post is a little different to my usual fashion inspired posts. I decided to start this beauty section as recently I have been receiving several messages asking about what makeup I use, tanning products, hair, skin regimes, diet tips etc…

Please *Mark my words* when I say I am by NO means an expert in any of these fields (the truth is I probably do things backwards most of the time but like I said this is my personal opinion so if you find yourself screaming at the computer “Shak your doing it all wrong!!” or perhaps you have any advice for me then I would love to hear it. This section of my blog has been made to give you an insight as to what products I rate, the beauty regimes I swear by and generally what works for me.

If you have anything you would like to know drop me a message and i’ll try cover it in my future blogs…






So I wanted to do a quick little feature on my new Gold Fever hair extensions. I was contacted by the very talented Christina Reilly who has her own platinum salon specialising in hair extensions regarding getting a set of hair put in. Christina’s salon is one of the only two hair salons in Scotland who actually stock the new Gold Fever hair extensions so it is very exclusive and has been seen on several celebrities and TV figures such a Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding, Lucy Watson from MIC, Lydia Bright from TOWIE.

I have never had hair extensions before as I have always had naturally long hair, but as us girls always do -self criticise- I constantly moaned about wanting it to be thicker.  My hair is very fine in texture and there is lots of it but it is very silky naturally which makes it feel thinner. As a consequence it was too soft to hold a good curl for long or style without hair slipping out of the desired style.

Initially, I was a little apprehensive about hair extensions thinking they’d be really visible, hard to maintain, or working in the modelling industry I always worried they wouldn’t look natural. I was very much proved wrong. Christina informed me I would only need 50-75 pieces put in (in hair extension world this isn’t a lot) and that it would make a massive difference in volume and I can confirm it definitely did. Straight away I loved the fuller volume. The bonds are flat so you can barely feel them whatsoever and because I told Christina I like to wear my hair up most of the time she inserted the bonds in a way in which you wouldn’t see them. The aftercare is very simple, I’m pretty lazy with hair and to be honest you more or less treat the extensions as you would your own hair… not too high a heat on the hairdryer, and they can tonged and straightened like that of your own natural hair.


The hair extensions use Indian Ritual Hair which is 100% ethical and traceable. If you are interested in getting this done or want to perhaps further enquire about this I highly recommend you contact Christina Reilly;

contact number- 07964 097 011

instagram- @xtinareillyhairsalon




(I didn’t wanna rabble on about the hair extensions themselves but they have a great page on their website where you can read up about what you must know about Gold Fever extensions here and what makes them so unique)


Hope you all have a fab week.

Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x