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Hello. Its freezing. Pass me the fur.


Hey Lovelies



I am writing this from the train up from London so Ill keep it quick- one because the wifi is awful and my personal hotspot is coming and going 2. Yesterday I bought a pack of stick on nails- they are the HOUSE OF HOLLAND nails – absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them but I cannot type. (May as well take this opportunity to thank Paul for washing my hair this morning and helping me blow my nose haha).


Ok so lots of you asked me about my jacket- I got it in ZARA, Oxford street. How amazing is the colour- its a very soft pale pink and is such a good piece to invest in this Winter because it will go with so much. Its £99.99- I can’t find it anywhere online but I expect it’ll be available to buy online soon. Oh also I notice the jacket only comes in a S/M. Im an 8 and bought the Small. In the mean time I am going to note down below the code on ticket in case you can preorder it in store.


above barcode it is : 8190/928/620

code below barcode is: 08190928620021








My skinny fit joggers are on sale in store for £12.99  I also bought them in an amazing dark green colour. I absolutely love these ones because they are smart looking and perfect for everyday wear with a denim jacket, leather, or as I have styled them with a faux fur coat. They could also be worn with a heel dressed up for a dinner date. Joggies and heel combos are so underrated.


Kicks are converse-everyone has to own a pair of high top black converse. They literally go with almost everything and can be thrown in washing machine and come out as good as new. I got mine in OFFICE.


Bobble hat is £7.99 in ZARA – look out for an amazing grey one also. Click HERE to check it out.


T-shirt new in ZARA £9.99


CHANEL  handbag I bought in Selfridges back in February, I was there yesterday and they had an identical one to mine except smaller in size.

Sunglasses are from @Laureensbitsandbobs – check them out they have some amazing clothing and accessories at really affordable prices.



Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x


Comic Print Denim

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hey Hey!!


How are you all? I am sad. I am exactly a week home from Dubai and seriously missing the sunshine, good food and getting to act like a 5 years old asking the driver of the jeep safari to go faster as we drive over the bumps.  I have shot a few blogs recently but I lost my camera with all the images on it.  ANYWAY,  now that I have found it *panic over* I will be uploading all of my new fav purchases and can get back to blogging.


Im not sure about you but Im literally not ready to put away my Summer wardrobe yet, I keep thinking of ways to layer it or style it in a way in which I can get longer use out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the AW wardrobe but just not quite so soon.  I feel like I always go wild at the start of Summer buying loads of “Summery” garments forgetting I don’t live in the Carribean but in fact one of the rainiest countries in Europe (if not rainiest?!)


My favorite trend this Summer which has been HUGE is strappy tops and dresses with a tshirt under it. Its been everywhere!! It not only dresses the outfit down but makes it look more quirky and understated.


So I bought this cute little playsuit from Mango and styled in with a cute slogan T underneath. MANGO has undoubtedly been one of my favorites shops this Summer!!! So on trend and so affordable.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

THIS JACKET THOUGH?! Girls….seriously!! How sick is this jacket?! I love the comic print on the back, the shade of denim and the fact it is slightly oversized looking. It will look amazing in Winter with ripped black denims, ankle boots and a colorful knit underneath. For £50 it is an amazing statement piece to add to your wardrobe!


SO many of you have asked me about my choker. It is literaly a dog collar I got from the LV store in edinburgh. I am apparently a medium sized dog haha… just in case you were wondering about sizing.


I was in Dubai so in Typical Shak fashion I threw it on with my RIRI sliders. This would also look super cute with high top converse or even a wedge if your going out for lunch with the girls.


Shop this look;


Denim Jacket

Mango Jumpsuit

Mango T *couldnt find the exact same one as me but they have loads of super cute slogan tees that would go perfect underneath*

RIRI sliders  *Offfice shoes have been stocking them. I got mine on Puma website but for certain colors *especially the pink*  you really have to keep your eyes peeled for the relaunch of new stock. (so OFFICE, PUMA website and ASOS stock them*) . If you are not looking to spend so much then check out these identical pink sliders on MISSGUIDED for only £20!!

Shop similar style Celine bags

LV choker

Shades are old Ray Bans. For amazing shades check out the @thespoiltbitchclub on instagram.

My loop bracelet- unfortunately I can’t find online but was bought instore from Mango.


Have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for dropping by,

Love always,

Shak x


Who wears white on a Rainy Day? ME apparently.


Hey Guys!!


Hope you’ve all had a great week!!! I can’t believe it is August already.  Anyone else feel like Summer is flying in so fast? (wow now I sound like your 70 year old gran). Moving on, thought I would drop by to blog my all white outfit I posted on my instagram recently. Remember not all outfits I post on “insta” I blog, but almost every time I will tag the company/shop its from. Or if you get stuck just message me.

Please excuse the messy drowned rat hair I seem to sporting in all of these pics. Might I add the sun was shining through my bedroom window as I picked this outfit that day. Needless to say by the time I actually arrived in Glasgow city centre it was pouring. Gotta love that unpredictable Scottish weather…NOT!


SJH_6385(photos taken by Stephen Hughes)

I broke up this white day time look with black accessories to create what appears to be a somewhat monochrome look. Like I’ve said in previous blogs, I’m not an overly ‘matchy matchy’ person so I like to add in a little touch of colour when I can.

I bought my blouse in the Zara sale so doubt it is still available to buy. However, many of you girls have one of those low scoop blouses in the wardrobe, this style of drape top has been so popular this year- I remember wearing a nude one with a similar black lace bra at Crimbo time. I have tagged a similar style of top at bottom of page to create this look.

The jeans are All Saints and I actually added the rips in myself with a pair of scissors and cut the hem off the bottom to create a ragged edge. I have been doing this a lot with my jeans recently.

The bandana is so popular just now, Its such a cute little investment piece and loads of shops are selling different colors. If you don’t fancy wearing it in your hair or around your neck as I have done then even just tie it to a strap on your handbag like a bag accessory. Goodbye Pom Poms- HELLO bandanas.

***(Typical Shak tip- A lot of my drape blouses I wear back to front. You may have noticed I absolutely love backless tops/dresses so try turning your top around and create a backless blouse instead. Perhaps throw on a long chain necklace and wear it down your back)


Jeans; All Saints

Boots; Mine are no longer on website but Mango have a nicer really similar pair on MANGO website


Bandana; Primark (Claires Accessories sell loads of nice colours) or alternatively check this one out on ASOS

Blouse; similar style from  BOOHOO or PLT

Bralet; HNM

Glasses; Chanel , Selfridges (if you are looking for cool shades for a fraction of the price check out my ones I posted on instagram from @Laureensbitsandbobs or @Jewelboutique)

Chain necklace; ROX, Argyle Arcade

Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x


Shak is Back- 3 Fav Summer Styles.


Hey Guys…oh how I’ve missed you all.


Im so sorry I haven’t written a blog since my last double denim post, I have been on holiday. Having arrived home from Florida on the Thursday I had one day to pack until my next adventure on the Friday to London and then onto Milan for a few days. So I am finally now just getting the opportunity sit down at my laptop and fill all of you lovely people in about my travels.

I must admit I dont really have much to blog in terms of clothing in Florida as 4 out of 7 of my days consisted of profusely  sweating my socks off around theme parks (lovely vision Shak thanks for that) and the other days catching up with my lovely family who live over there were spent wearing really loose fit light weight garments.  The theme parks are incredible- definitely check out Sea World it gets the least amount of hype but the roller coasters and penguins are a definite ‘can’t miss’!!

That was my first time there and I can’t stress enough if you are going this summer- avoid all items heavy or denim. I found myself in trainers, vests and TOPSHOP runner shorts most of the trip. Not to mention the shopping outlets are heavenly so as much room in the case as possible will help a lot! Oh and buy an umbrella- I thought we had it bad here in Scotland with the rain, over there when it pours it POURS! So don’t even think about straightening your hair in the mornings- pre-mentally accept you will not so much have a bad hair day but more of a bad hair week. Ha!


FYI- Any outfit posts I have worn in the evenings for example like my cute backless shirt or swimwear looks etc can be found on my instagram account and I always tag the company I got them from so you know exactly where to find them if you wish to purchase. I can’t blog every look but I like to post my ‘OOTD’ styles every other day on my social media account. (‘OOTD’ by the way stands for outfit of the day, its one of these cringe things us bloggers like to use and hashtag for all those who may not know the phrase) @emilyshak is my instagram account.


Soooo… whats your thoughts on metallic clothing? Its something I feel people find a bit risky or perhaps something they’d only wanna wear to a party. Well, I purchased these insane gold metallic loose fit trousers from American Apparel in Florida and styled them in a quirky day time look/street style. Fear not they are available to purchase- I have linked them below to buy and they are on sale for £13!!!!!! Don’t say I’m not good to you…




So I teamed these statement trousers with a classic white GUCCI bomber jacket and Puma trainers from OFFICE SHOES and LV backpack. It was a super comfy, almost sporty chic meets glam kinda style and I thought it went together really well. Of course, these trousers can also be worn with a leotard and heel for a party or occasion but I think its important to always remember that outfits can be dressed down and still look cool. A strappy going out dress can be thrown on with a denim shirt over it and pair of converse for a stylish summer day time look.

These trousers are on sale for £13  from American Apparel (I actually bought all 3 colours as they are a total bargain)

If they are a bit too out there for you but you want a similar style (click HERE) I came across these amazing more neutral gold metallic wide leg trousers on BOOHOO sale for £15.


My next fav outfit a lot of you asked about was my OOTD that I wore to the Capital Summertime Ball. I found these silky culottes in H&M last month for £40 and fell in love…so much so I ended up changing my top and wearing them a couple days later in Milan. My bralet and ripped denim jacket made for the perfect “festival inspired” look along with my OFFICE sandals I pulled out the cupboard from last year and LV bumbag. Luckily I have sourced an identical pair of sandals from OFFICE.

cbs cbs1

2nd pic (flip-flops are Puma by Rihanna and were bought for £65 on PUMA website and shirt is a concessions brand currently in Topshop, Oxford St)

Oh and my diamond bindi (£1)  I tried so hard to rock along with my straw hat (£5) and sunglasses (£1) were from Primark. That is some seriously cool bargain accessorising for £7 if I may say so myself. This takes me onto my final look from Milan…

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

chanel(dress- old BOOHOO slip dress- they have  similar on styles on ASOS, Converse kicks from OFFICE, £5 Primark hat)

SO many of you commented on my hat. It is NOT a Chanel hat!! I bought the brooch in Selfridges Chanel store, Manchester, 2 years ago and wanted to wear it. My dress had a satin feel and kept snagging on the fabric when I tried to pin it on so I pinned it onto my £5 Primark hat. I love it!! It doesn’t need to be Chanel, I’m sure your grannies or your mums have cool brooches lying around in old jewellery boxes, pin it on a hat to add a little more glam.


Hope you enjoyed my blog, I have some really cool looks coming to my blog in the upcoming weeks and stay tuned to my social media accounts for all of my other collaborations. Not to mention I will be updating and focussing a lot more on my lifestyle and beauty section on the blog. If there is anything you would like me to focus on, any fashion themed looks to try out etc please let me know.  I appreciate all of your feedback…



Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x





Attention All Shoeaholics!


Heyyyy Guys!!


I am writing this from Florida, currently tucked up in bed exhausted having just packed my case two days early simply to see how much more I can fit into my case…Result= shopping it is again tomorrow. Note to all potential Florida goers this Summer…Pack nothing- the shops here are insane!


Oh and apologies I have been a little delayed writing this blog…my recent commitments have involved chasing Mickey and Minnie around Disney land and practising my vocals for the Frozen singalong shows.





So I was fortunate enough to be contacted recently by an online website called Shoeaholics  who sell discounted shoes (and accessories)…not just any old shoes… I’m talking Kurt Keiger, Carvela, Sabrina and loads more all at a fraction of the price in the high street stores. I came across these beaut Miss Kg nude/orange faux suede colour block heels.

Im not usually ‘matchy match’ person as you know but the shoes went so well with the bag that I thought it made the perfect combination. When you have a “killer combo” as id call it (statement shoes & bag)… I think its best to keep the outfit minimal to keep all focus on the accessories. Double denim is an all time simplistic, easy to wear favourite of mine and instead of opting for my usual skinny fit jeans, I chose to wear my flayers. I don’t care what you say there is nothing wrong with a good old pair of flayers and they look really good with a large turn up at the bottom. (tip- I love a turned up flayer with a flat birkenstock sandal in the Summer!!)



The denims are old school TOPSHOP but you can shop similar styles here.

shirt – LEVIS

heels- MISS KG from Shoeaholics

necklace (missguided)

bag- Anya Hindmarch

***I have mentioned this in a previous blog but the stickers you can get from Skinnydip are an amazing way to freshen up an old bag you may be bored of or if you are simply looking to create your very own Anya Hindmarch style bag at a much more affordable price.***

Sunnies- H&M £6.99

Belt- Louis Vuitton (Looooove this belt at the moment because it is actually reversible so you are getting two colours for the price of one)


Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x


Denim Dress and Metallic Boots


Hey Hey Hey

How are you all? I just noticed it seems like I’m on a denim blogging mission just now with all the denim I’ve been posting lately but I can assure you this is the last denim post for a little while (till next week probs). I just couldn’t resist showing you my recent collaboration with QUIZ.  The weather has been so freakin’ good recently I have lots of new cute Summer inspired outfits to show you coming to the blog in the forthcoming weeks (Knowing my luck Ive probably just jinxed myself and it will start snowing next week and ill go back to blogging my fav Primark thermal looks ha NOOO!!)


Anyway, I am IN love with this lil mini denim dress. And to make it somewhat more appealing- ITS ON SALE for 20 bucks.







I love the light shade of denim…and this dress is so Season friendly. By that I mean you could literally wear it as I have on a sunny day with bare legs and ankle boots or dressed more causal with a pair of converse (and frilly ankle socks ovbs).  Then come Winter, it would look SUPER cute with a polo neck underneath, tights and over the knee boots. Whats even better is its down from £30 to £19.99- BARGAIN!!

SO if you read my last blog you will have seen my super cute metallic slipper shoes (which I never have off- purely because metallic silver goes with almost everything) so when I saw these silver boots I thought I need these. As they are more formal they go amazing with denims and being tall already the block heel isn’t too high so they make a great daytime or evening boot.

This outfit literally would go with almost any bag however recently I have a strong love for backpacks. This is my newest baby but I have linked a a couple of backpacks I absolutely love  below (just click on link and it will direct you).

Grey suede/leather backpack  £35

Mango white leather backpack £40


Where to Buy

QUIZ dress (I’m wearing a size 8)

Metallic ankle boots £75

backpack – LV store, Edinburgh

arm bracelets- How cute are these?! SO IDEAL for TITP/festivals…or just dressing up for a beer garden on a sunny day like I did! I got them from ASOS (some of the different styles they have are amazing- you will love)

Thanks for dropping by,

Enjoy the sunshine (if your stuck in work this week…then im sorry forget I said that)

love always,

Shak x



Embroidered Flower Patch Jeans. (Quiz Collab)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Hey Lovelies


Happy Saturday!! Hope you all have a fab weekend! Im excited to be showing you all my recent collaboration with QUIZ. I saw these insane flower patch embroidered jeans and it was love at first sight. I love customising my own clothes and always pick up  iron on badges to add to my denim jackets and jeans so when I saw these I had to get them. (For those who may be wondering I buy my iron on badges from the likes of ebay and I always get one when I go abroad of where Ive been from tourist shops etc- could I possibly sound any geekier right now??) I love the ‘cut effect’ edging around the bottom of the jeans.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I got this jacket from TOPSHOP vintage rail in Edinburgh, if you haven’t been GO! Theres also a couple of vintage rails in TOPSHOP, Argyle St. I tried to rock the 70s theme by matching them with a fringed suede jacket and timeless Prada pumps I picked up in the Winter sales. The grey crop top is minimal to keep all focus on the beautiful embroidery of the jeans. I also feel the jeans are a statement in themselves so they don’t need an overly patterned top.

Could also be worn with; be bold and wear with a denim jacket for some double denim vibes OR keep it cool in a leather jacket and simple Tee or bodysuit.

The bandana is from Primark and cost a couple of pounds; I just folded it up and tied around my neck as a cute accessory.


Jeans QUIZ (mine are a size 8) £29.99

top & bandana- primary

Jacket- vintage. For a similar style click HERE

shoes – Selfridges sale

bag- Alexander Wang

Glasses- Armani


Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x


You can’t see me… (camo styles and strappy sandals)


Hey Guys


Hope you all had a fab weekend! Im finally getting round to updating my blog and filling you lovelies in on my recent fav styles. I have another style to blog in a couple of days so stay tuned. So you probably already know by now thanks to my one million photos on social media- but for those who don’t know- I was in Paphos last week (wedding venue scouting- exciting!) and it seemed I had brought the sun home with me when I got back  (you can thank me later) which was great because it meant I got to make use out of my Summer wardrobe for a few extra days.

I am obsessing over all of the camouflage clothing just now…truthfully I haven’t seen as much in the high street shops as of late but theres LOADS of awesome camo pieces online just now on ASOSUrban OutfittersMissguided and Lasula. (click on links to be directed to shop camo styles)




camo 3


I love wearing denim and camouflage styles together so threw on most possibly my best investment ever – Levis denim shorts…I swear these shorts see me through every Summer and every Winter with tights and have done for the past 3 years. Urban Outfitters is usually a guaranteed place to pick up a pair (they don’t have them on the website but usually always have a rail instore- its best to try them on because I find the sizes and cut of the shorts can be really inaccurate sometimes), if not try vintage stores or eBay/depop.

The camo jacket is actually a mans jacket from ASOS I stole from Pauls wardrobe (sorry Paul) but being a tall girl I sometimes prefer the oversized style and the arms are usually a better length for me. There is millions of cute camo jackets online just no but these are my absolute favourite camo jackets I found when searching for similar styles…

This camo Urban Outfitters cropped camo jacket is the cutest £45

Camo ASOS jacket (mens if you like oversized like me) £45


The shoes are from ZARA,  I got them in last years Summer sale and have been praying for sunny day to wear them. I think they are an awesome summer sandal!! As they are a statement shoe in itself I personally think they would look best with denim shorts, a print tee and leather jacket or with a loose fit t-shirt dress and denim jacket tied around the waist. They are a great shoe for festivals/Ibiza… They are no longer available to buy in Zara but I found a couple similar styles;

ASOS  knee high buckle sandals £35

Public Desire not so chunky a strap but still a fab shoe for £30 (and they come in gold and tan)


(the white top is a Primark crop top, bag is Baleciaga, glasses from Ray-Ban)

Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x


Comfortable Spring Street Style & VVA handbags!


Hey Guys!


Almost the weekend! YAY! So- March is finally here. I know it still feels like Winter but there is no denying these blue skies we’ve been seeing recently aren’t getting us all Summer dreaming about light nights, summer clothing, bbqs, and beer gardens. (Lets be honest beer gardens are a definite top 5 best things to do in the Scottish sunshine).

I always find Spring a more challenging season to dress for, you want to lock your heavy dark Winter knits and coats far far away until next Winter yet it still feels cold enough to be wearing them. So recently, I have found a happy medium and been buying some pieces that are slightly lighter in weight and have been opting for more pastel tones that will look less Wintery yet still keep me warm.






I picked up these fabulous grey stripe trousers from TOPSHOP last week. For the record they are meant to be that length…in fact they are actually named “awkward stripe trousers” on the site which I found quite amusing as I stood in the shop for about ten mins saying to Paul “these are such an awkward length” holding them against me.  They are however super comfy and would look good with trainers or a heel. I love the relaxed loose every day street style vibe they have.

My cute little faux suede jacket is from H&M and literally can be thrown over any ensemble. It has a lovely soft touch and I love the two oversized pockets at the front.

Shoes are TOPSHOP sale and cost me £10. BARGAIN! And the lace bodysuit was just an oldie I found in my lingerie drawer. My mum definitely thought I was losing my head going out in underwear as outerwear but I thought the lace trim with the baggy trousers and bomber jacket added a perfect feminine delicate touch.


Glasses- CHANEL



Save the best for last- my new IT bag! VVA sent me this beautiful bag last week which cheered me right up from my post Dubai/London holiday blues.  I chose these colours as I love the soft tones and grey and pink is such a perfect combination. This Dahlia bag is particularly different to any other bag I own as the pink fur pouch at the front can be detached and used as a clutch bag. If you go on their website  you’ll notice you can literally design  your personal dream bag from everything from the colour of the bag to the straps, tassels and design of the ivy (clutch).  This bag has the coolest concept and it is as though you are getting two bags for the price of one.  I love the idea that you can give your day to day bag a makeover simply by buying a new ivy (clutch) as opposed to going out and spending a fortune on a brand new bag. In addition to this, the lining of the bag itself it made from a beautiful pink leather.

CLICK here to check out their website!!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! I can’t wait to show you my new skinny fit dungarees and faux fur jacket in my next blog!!

Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x



Spring In My Step; Glasgow Style Mile


Hey Guys!


Hope you had a fab weekend!! I have got to say I am absolutely loving the sunshine we have been seeing the past week… Im going to take credit here because apparently the week I was in Dubai it was storms and rain and I came home to sunshine. (just saying) What is the best thing about the finer weather for someone like me??  It opens up a new dimension for outfit possibilities of lighter weight clothing and brighter colours as the Spring/Summer season rapidly approaches.

Last week was payday for me and I thought where else better to go on a shopping splurge other than Glasgow’s very own Style Mile itself; with over 200 hundred shops to choose from including designer boutiques, House OF Fraser, several designer shops as well as high street stores and fantastic shopping malls such as Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch Centre and Princess Mall to name a few.  Not forgetting to mention the numerous chic bars and cafes that make the perfect pit stops for a coffee/lunch break. In addition to this most of the shops are open until 7pm mon-fri (thurs 8pm) making it super convenient for those who perhaps work until 5/6pm and want to catch the shops before heading home or out for the evening.

If you are new to Glasgow or thinking about visiting there truly is so many amazing things to do, places to eat, shopping, sight seeing, the theatre, museums and several other excursions that can guarantee you a fun filled day out. Be sure to check out the People Make Glasgow website for further information.


IMG_2310 IMG_2315 IMG_2322



I absolutely love shorts especially dressed down during the day. With the weather being a bit brighter I thought it was time to get the legs out that have been hiding under leggings and jeans the entire Winter. I teamed this with a cut out shoulder knit and Mac coat for a warm yet stylish day time look. The boots are my favourite find and cost £39.99. I love the wooden block heel. Im not one of these girls that can shop in heels (how do you do it??) I’m definitely a trainer kinda gal but these boots were so comfortable and the colour is a nice change from the standard black ankle boot.

My entire outfit (minus bag/scarf/glasses)  is this season and was purchased from House Of Fraser, Buchanan Street

Shorts & boots – MANGO £29.99 & £39.99

Mac- Miss Selfridge (£65 but has a £20 off discount)

Jumper- Vera moda (LOVE this knit it cost £20 and comes in cream)


Scarf- Charlotte Simone

Glasses- CHANEL


Thanks for dropping by,

love always,

Shak x